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Student Engagement and Support Cell

The Cell is headed by Asst. Professor Urvi Shrivastava under the guidance of Principal Dr. Purushottam Wadje. The purpose of this Cell is to engage students in various co-curricular activities and focus on skill development at various levels. The Cell organises activities such as debates, research paper writing competitions, orientations on case summarization, agreement drafting and review, preparing Newsletters etc.

The Cell is also responsible for handling social media accounts of Balaji Law College, Pune. The Cell members have been actively maintaining the Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Balajilawcollege/) and YouTube accounts of the institution.

Apart from the aforesaid, the Cell members are consistently on their toes covering and supporting every event and activity organised by the other Cells in the institution.

In case of queries contact us at sescblc@gmail.com

Members of the cells are:

  1. Minal Saluja-4th year B.A.LL.B.
  2. Nidhi Patel-4th year B.A.LL.B.
  3. Chandra Mitra-2nd year LL.B
  4. Ashu Dixit- 2nd year LL.B
  5. Sekhar Bhattacharya-3rd year B.A.LL.B.
  6. Kamran Shaikh-3rd year B.A.LL.B.
  7. Saloni Aher-2nd year B.A.LL.B.
  8. Priya Hogle-2nd year B.A.LL.B.

BLC Intra-College Research Paper Writing Competition, 2018 – Brochure

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Quiz Competition

Weekly Moots

Placement Cell Orientation

Internal Moot Assessment Round

Moot Court Orientation

Legal Aid Cell Orientation